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Member Member Information: ~Andrea~
Coven Master
Posts: 4211
Joined: Oct. 02





Joined : 8 October 2002
Last Login : 08 August 2009
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Residence : Australia
My Story/Introduction :
My Entrance and Catapulting into the Realm:

This site was bought to my attention around mid August 2002, by an old companion of mine. He no longer is in my life right now, but I owe him for showing me this place. I joined the Forums in October 2002. It was very humble beginnings when I entered.

The transition from then to now is enormous, and we all have Darathôrn to thank for that! So I spent my time here in the forums in the early days, learning from the handful of members who graced us. It was compact and unique back then and I adored every moment of it. Now with quadruple the members and all the new features it makes me proud to see what Darathôrn has achieved here. And it makes me proud to be a small part of it.

On August 23rd 2003 I was appointed a Moderator, alongside with Maya. If I remember correctly I remember writing to Darathôrn and telling him that if he needed help, I can offer my services, then at a later stage I remember saying to him "I am bored, give something else for me to do" LOL The nerve I had back then! Anyway he accepted and gave me Moderator status as well. This proved to be a pleasing and wonderful challenge. I was also given the role of "poetry adder and checker" where I can add poems to the main site. I also approve the statement headers that you see under the main site links.

Since then things have changed for me. Through my love for this site, and those few who I have known since these humble beginnings of the forum, I have come to appreciate immortality more through the avenues that have subtly and yet frequently have been left out for many here.

Darathôrn and Angarathe:

On a personal note I am a little reluctant to say this here, but without having this contact on this Forum, the moderating, the activities, and the responsibilities I never would have learnt about our dear Covenmasters Darathôrn and Angarathe, and how very special they both are. Although she isn't on as frequently as we'd all like, the times that she is here always makes me reaffirm the respect and admiration that I have for her. With Darathôrn, well I don't need to elaborate more on him in case he reads this and I embarass him... *cough* But to put it simply he knows how much he means to me, and for all he has done, especially during the times when I needed a friend the most he was there, with his kind reassuring words and wisdom. I will never forget that.

More things about me personally:

On the 19th of November 2004 I completed two degrees Bachelor of Arts and one in Primary Teaching. In my Arts component I majored in cultural studies and in literature. An interesting course. I have plans to teach young children of grade one or two level in a school.

Now in 2006, I have a full time teaching position teaching Grade Three. I have 27 little angels in disguise to take care of and educate. *smiles* The staff are wonderful and supportive and allow me to grow professionally. I couldn't be happier.

Well enough about me, I am sure I have bored you all to tears...there is much much more I could say, but I don't think you want to read essays on my life... But if you do, well you know how I am a grand talker and speak about things for hours upon hours, so just find me and I will enlighten you, bore you to tears, or have a laugh... you know sometimes the events in the chatroom can get a little quirky, and I sometimes forget my place as moderator and jump right into the laughter and enjoy me while you can.

A Word from an Administrator of The Realm:

Let me remind you that if you need any help with anything on the site let it be forum issues, or other problems please PM me and I will point you in the right direction. No question is too silly or irrelevant to me. I can remember in the beginning here I too asked silly questions, and even now I am still learning. So don't dismiss anything you have on your minds. I am here for you. And if I don't know the answers myself, I will find someone who does and find out what you wish to know.

If it is purely site issues probably come to Laurasia or myself first. If we do not respond straight away find one of the Moderators (in no particular order lol):

- Dancer
- Isealdor
- Cristina
- S.
- Grim

If We can't handle we will either tell you to PM Darathôrn yourself or I will do it depending on the situation. The Moderating team is quite capable of handling most situations efficiently. *smile*

I am not too strict or uptight about the rules and regulations, just follow the rules in Site Information and Guidelines. Without forum rules there would be chaos. So some have to be set in place so people know the limitations.

Follow basic rules of common courtesy, and treat others in the way you'd like to be treated, and follow simple guidelines on the sections on the site and forum that we feel need our reaffirmation of what is to occur there (i.e. Forum and Donate Section) and all will be well. Besides if I feel that some members are seemingly struggling to understand common courtesy, or need help with how this site works, I will send them friendly reminders. But darlings, it is not always up to me to do so, if any other member who knows how things work here and are able to assist the newer members become more confident and comfortable with things here then please do so, and let me know of it. I'd just like to know, no biggie.

Treat each other well, Look to our beloved Darathôrn for guidance. Help each other, and do not argue. I have been here for a long time, I remember how great the forum was when I first stumbled upon it.

I always wanted this Realm to be restored to how it once was, do that amongst yourselves, find that within your hearts, and when you do, you will feel that I am with you. Teach the youngest amongst us, teach those who are old who dwell with us. Show eachother you still have it in you to believe in this Realm of ours. I have tried for a long time to go back to how it once was, but the magnitude of members and the large traffic in the forums, it is impossible for me to do alone.

Follow these little steps, these you should all know by now, because lately I have been trying to instil it in all of you:

- *****Ensure you read the section Site Information and Guidelines often for updates on things happening on the site, site rules, general information, valuable threads and other important things.*****

- Do not argue in the main forum. Although be argumentative of a debating nature, no derogatory remarks or comments of slander. Contest things civilly and with respect.

- Treat eachother how you'd like to be treated, just simple things, but you will notice a difference.

- Be civil and careful with your words.

- Be understanding of one another.

- And above all take care of my Realm, and those who run it.

Words of Advice

Some words of advice which I believe to be useful. These I thought up based on what I see on a day to day basis here

Holding one's tongue is sometimes a worthy cause, if it allows diplomacy and peace to continue its course. Funny isn't it? But true if you stick to it. Even those who were my enemies here, have become my friends if it means to maintain peaceful relations here. If there is a problem that you cannot solve civilly amongst yourselves PM me, do not continue the argument on the open board, and get others who are not involved in the dispute, involved. Especially if members stick their noses into business which is not theirs to meddle in, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, when they do not know all the facts themselves and feel they should ‘contribute’ when it isn’t their place to. In that way things will run a little smoother.

Be respectful and true to yourself and you will earn friends quickly here. You will not only make solid friendships, but you will have an avenue of support that is second to none, if you require a shoulder, or verbal support in a thread or topic where you feel you are drowning or someone destroys your words members will defend you. All it takes is finding someone who you seem to get along well with. It also helps being befriended by a moderator, or head moderator *cough* in your early days. Generally I keep a protective eye out on new members to make sure they find their feet, before the onslaught of roleplayers or juveniles get snared in your threads, or comments.

Just because this is NOT a roleplayer site, doesn't mean that every member that joins here who says they are a vampire IS one, it is up to Us and our Members Moderators to help clean this place up. ~A

Enjoy your time here at the Realm. I hope it is a fulfilling and a rewarding experience for you. There is much to learn and to discover. Use the search engine in the forum, and if there isn't already a topic on what you wish to say just post your own! By all means feel free to reply and respond to anything that you may find that interests you on the site.

(Last updated: 8th of August 2006)

Signature :

[i]To give a few words of Truth, And what you make of Them will be your Test.[/i]

~*~ [b][i]Poetry Archives are found in the More Darkness Section of the Site. Click 'Poetry' on the left and you can search for your favourite poem alphabetically, or click 'Author' and find a listing of all the poems by your favourite Realm poets! ~*~[/i][/b]

Always your humble servant of the Realm.
If you have any questions or queries just PM me.
[i]Just know that I am working with you, not against you.[/i]
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