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Somewhat Damaged (parts eight - fourteen)

Part Eight: Why Can't I Have You

Why can't I have you?
Why do you run away?
I just want to love you.
Why don't you stay?
I need you, In this death.
My love only grows,
With every breath.
Dear God...
That kiss!
Why do you
Run from this?
Why couldn't you just...
Destroy me?
Why can't you
Just love me?
If I can't see you
Why should I "live"?
Is there really nothing
I have to give?

Part Nine: We'll Be Together

I have to carry on.
I have to see you.
I have to know
All that you do.
I won't quit,
Until I've died again.
We'll be together,
I know
You're still in Seattle.
I can feel you.
I feel a pull.
Do you feel it?
I know you feel something.
It a part of me,
In your being.
We're drawn together.
It's known as love.
Though, I don't know
If it is from below or above.

Part Ten: I Do Love You

You're with me,
Here in Pioneer Square.
I know you're near.
Watching me from somewhere.
Will you
Come to me?
Will you
Make me see?
I do love you,
Alexis Reeve.
And I'm sorry,
I had to leave.
Come to me-
Who is behind me?
"Just give up, demon!
You don't have a prayer!
You're about to die!
I'm a Vampire Slayer.

Part Eleven: Slayer

Now is the time
To make myself known.
"If you kill her,
She won't die alone."
"This is not your affair,
You stupid boy!"
"Oh, it is,
When you threaten my joy.
Fight me,
"You're next, fool,
But she dies, there."
The Slayer moved
For a stake,
And my love,
He tried to take.
He was fast,
But not fast enough.
I caught his arm,
But he was too tough.

Part Twelve: Blood In My Eyes

The Slayer threw me,
Out, into the street,
But I pulled him with me,
Off his feet.
He plunged his stake
Into my chest,
And I cried,
"That was my best?!"
He missed your heart!"
I wiped blood from my eyes.
The battle ended quick as the start.
I removed the stake,
As my rage grew.
I do this for you."
I took the Slayer by his throat,
And ripped it out.
Then we drank,
While he tried to shout.

Part Thirteen: Sleep of the Dead

We ran from the corpse
Of that stupid Slayer.
You took me home,
To your lair.
"You knew
My name?" "And I know
We can't be sane."
"Did you know
That I love you?"
"I knew
I had to help you."
We held one another,
The rest of the night,
And I finally knew
That this would end right.
The sun began to rise,
And you invited me to bed.
I held you,
And slept the peace of the dead.

Part Fourteen: Peace in my Darkened Soul

Was the most beautiful day
Of my life or death.
We shared the most passionate kisses,
Never stopping for a breath.
Was so much peace,
In my darkened soul.
I had reached you.
I'd reached my goal.
Our hands
Caressed each others skin.
We loved
Each second of the sin.
No act of love,
I ever knew,
Could compare to ours.
"Alexis, I love you."
You kissed my neck,
And held my head.
Then you drank,
And made me dead.

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