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Posted By Discussion Topic: Clans,Societies and Gangs
Alluria 11-12-2009 @ 8:16 PM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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Joined: Nov. 09
I am one who has heard about these Clans and
Societies and i have been a part of a few
Clans myself however i wish to know how
others personally feel about this matter
because i as a Vampire feel its quite a good
thing to have a whole Society of people who
are all the same to talk about their
qualities and maybe even their differences as
well if they want to.

Although, a Society of Vampires to me is
better than a Clan. I feel, that Clans get
bombarded by outsiders who do not clearly
understand human equality and morals. I feel
when you are within a Clan and an outsider accidently finds out there is a huge clash
then between the every day human being and
the Vampire. I mean i have heard of lots of
Clans getting rudely interrupted by foolish
people who think its funny to play around
with them. I have also found recently lots of
reportings of normal humans finding out about
real vampirism and then having this unwanted
facination, i mean a normal facination is
okay, but when they hit boarderline insanity
i just do not think it is right.

Along with this, i have over heard some
people on another site i sometimes look onto
saying about Gangs of Vampires??? Like a
Vampire Gangster Gang? That go out and like
literally get their own back on people who
have hurt them.....I do not think this is
correct, could be someone mucking around, but
i wish to know if anyone has also heard this
as well because i do not want this happening
within our community of people. Do you?

Love to hear all your own views
From Alluria

++Dark hearts lay open, to a
world unknown, Do not be scared,
Your not alone++

Kemet 11-13-2009 @ 1:17 AM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
Posts: 94
Joined: Nov. 09

hmmm... Well vampires are humans, our day is just like everybody elses... we do our own thing, sleep, eat (actual food), we get sick, excrete bodily fluids (peeing) and etc. and we have our own social fulfilling needs, just like everybody else.

Some people are solitary, they are just that way inclined. Some crave a social network of friends.

In my oppinion? Yes some social networks are very very good things, but it all depends on ones needs. Aslong as the small network of community promotes good things, not crime and etc. then sure go for it.

Clans... You will have to be more specific of your own definition.

Society, well a society is basically a fellowship of sorts, no harm in that, as long as they promote a productive purpose, weither it be making friends all the way to working towards a good positive goal.

Gangs... well depends on their rules and etc. code of conduct, without that its very hard for me to say from my own oppinion what i interperate as.

But yes, im sure their are many groups such as these functioning. Aslong as their safe, dont promote negative actions and etc. Crime, Killing and etc. I dont see no harm in them what so ever. Just the same as non vampiric groups.

BaronBane 11-13-2009 @ 12:46 PM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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are you referring to real vampire houses or the internet vampire clans

Baron 'De Bane

Maiden9 11-13-2009 @ 4:56 PM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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I share Kemet's feelings on groups being a nice notion, so long as they promote positivity among us and such.

However, I have a personal distaste for Houses in general because of their excessive use of hierarchical chains. Another issue that is more of an annoyance than anything is the abuse of titles by the pretentious.(Lord, Lady, Father, Elder etc.) In a sense I feel it is the use of such titles that make a mockery of our community. What ever happened to just: "Hey, I'm Bob."? Surely ego stroking is not of greater importance than simply unifying the community in a safe and harmonious manner--or at the very least civil.

I believe as a community we need to discourage the "dog and pony show" that has been utilized for so long. We only hurt the community more by making monstrous specatacles of ourselves. (Which I am more than certain that the longer standing members of the Realm are aware of.) The unfortunate part is that apparently the Houses as well as other parts of the community, cannot grasp that.

I would take no issue with Houses whatsoever if they simply toned themselves down a bit, perhaps to the point of being considered conservative. Who in this wide world would take a Vampire, much less an entire House of vampires, seriously if they parade around in corsets and the height of "Goth" fashion? Not one soul. Perhaps some adolescents with hormone-driven fantasies, but not one mature, rational-minded individual.

I could go on for ages about what I dislike in the community and it would not do an ounce of good. What does bring me comfort is the fact that I personally know others with similar views.

"To truly know virtue, one must acquaint one's self with vice."

Kemet 11-13-2009 @ 7:12 PM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
Posts: 94
Joined: Nov. 09

kudos to Maiden9

yes the whole "elder, father, sister" and etc. gives it a very bad taste in my books. No one is better than anyone else, we all have the same blood, we all have flesh and we all do the same things (bodily functions and needs).

Although, for those who are more experienced in the field itself of whatever they are achieving should be catagorized as "teachers" but not have more earned respect than others of the group itself. Yes they should be looked at more fondly, due to naturally alot of questions would be directed to themselves. But not to the extent of if one disputes with one, the rest turn on them and the arguer be "exiled" or some nonsense, as long as its a healthy debate, nothings wrong with it due to we as human beings are naturally inquisitive to learn.

As long as it hasnt got a "membership fee" or some nonsense, were obviously the 'head man' is making the profit, then i see no quarrel. But sometimes money is nice to all CONTRIBUTE to say a meeting place venue or something of the sort (hiring a hall) and etc. Then the cost is equally divided, no profit is gained to any founder and etc.

Im a believer in do what makes you feel good, so if you want to start your own "thing" or join somebody elses, then hey its fine in my oppinion. As long as it doesnt harm you physically, financially, socially and etc. then hey, go for it in my eyes.

Alluria 11-14-2009 @ 4:16 AM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
Fresh Meat
Posts: 13
Joined: Nov. 09
everyone has good views and such on this matter
which i am really happy about.

I agree with you all its fine as long as people
have respect for others and do nothing in a
negative way. Unfortunately i have came to realise
that there are pretenders on all real vampire
sites and there are even some who somehow get into
the real vampire clans. I feel this is one huge
problem at the moment, i do not mind people saying
their are intrigued and fascinated by it all, its
the ones who lie i have a slight problem with

You see at the moment i have found people on this
other site i sometimes log into who have said they
have been reported posts from users who are no
vampires starting threads in the forums on there
about how to hurt vampires (which is all not true
anyway so to speak.) However these people are
causing serious problems with the real vampires on
there. It is just someone mucking around like
usual but its not really that fair i do not think.
Do you guys think the same? Of course the people
doing it need to be banned anyway (don't know why
it has not been done already though.)

Along with this, my last issue i do have is the
fact that Clans (the real ones not online ones) I
have involved with a couple so far in London,
there was one also in Birmingham i used to
sometimes attend their meetings. In the end i put
all that Clan stuff behind me because it was not
at all a society of good vampires, it was more
like a cult based society, and it started to kind
of bug me. I mean do not get me wrong, everyone
there were real vampires with their donors etc
buuut there was just this bad feeling that came
across you every time you walked into a meeting at
either of those Clans meetings. Like eyes were
always staring at you, sussing you out, watching
your every move, it was like you were an outcast
almost. I mean, thats not right is it?

Anyway look forward to hearing from you all

++Dark hearts lay open, to a
world unknown, Do not be scared,
Your not alone++

Kemet 11-14-2009 @ 6:36 AM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
Posts: 94
Joined: Nov. 09

By clans you mean groups? Its not a clan as in a 'Bloodline' atall, because thats just RPG material. But yes i know for fact there are groups who label themselves as clans in Camden Market, in london. Home of industrial/gothic culture in England.

I personally wouldnt get involved with them due to... well the people contract a very bad reputation and promote fictional charactetistics of vampirism as a whole. With some research I could probs find the groups name for other members from London area, but it would have to involve me asking about which could take a small ammount of time, to benefit other members from London.

But in all truth, from my own personal perspective... Its trivial all the same to be involved with a clan who promotes fiction. Its like trying to be real with a RPG'er, doesnt work. Also you get alot of LARP's round here too.

Now i think about it, I do know a group that is resident in a nightclubs that Host "torture Garden" clubs, basically... Fetish clubs, and etc. Goth/Industrial orientated. By educated guess, the fetish catagory of blood is probably closely linked between them.

This message was edited by Kemet on 11-14-09 @ 6:43 AM

kaotez 11-14-2009 @ 9:00 AM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
Vampire Master
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personally i think that clans can be a good thing sometimes because then you have a bunch of willing doners. on the other hand, what if there is a rival clan?then it could turn out to be sort of like a gang and then fights could start........even deaths.

vanatan blote.kishne necronthus.

Kemet 11-14-2009 @ 9:47 PM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
Posts: 94
Joined: Nov. 09

To be honest, these "gang wars" if they do exsist in the vampire clan subcultures... i hope they do not.

Vampirism is a very touchy subject, there has been findings and etc. by our community as one of the sources but still.. its not something i would die for.It would be stupid wouldnt it... There is many wars between mankind alone, without adding to the bloodshed.

Alluria 11-16-2009 @ 11:19 AM Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
Fresh Meat
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Joined: Nov. 09
It has been said that rival gangs, clans, groups whatever they are, do fight with one another if they come across one another. However, they could all roleplayers, who knows? If they are all roleplayers (which is probably 70% of the time)they need to seriously grow up.

However, as i do believe in Clans being around and being real, it does not really mean that i believe they are over run by real vampires. All i have said so far is that they do exist. Unfortunatly some people take it wayyyyy too seriously.

People have said to me about watching far too much twilight recently (fact i hate the films) and they say the whole clan thing has never existed, luckily you guys have understood me and just write about your own personal views on the matter rather than giving me hell about the post. Thank you all for this.

Last thing i am going to say today is this, Clans, they do exist, they are not always fictional, there are some which hold true/real vampiric people, however, they are normally in it for the donors only. I personally have been a part of two Clans before, both of them held many roleplayers, who became donors to the real vampires of the Clan, because they believe in the turning thing, and love the romantic desire side of the (fantasy) vampire. Least they are doing Vampires a favour by being gullable.

Anyway guys, love you all *laugh*

++Dark hearts lay open, to a
world unknown, Do not be scared,
Your not alone++

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