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Paint It Black - Nancy A. Collins Details
Palace, the - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Details
Pandora : New tales of the Vampires - Anne Rice Details
Pandora's game - Christopher Andrews Details
Parliament of blood - Scott Ciencin Details
Partaker, the - R Chetwynd-Hayes Details
Partners: laws of the blood #2 - Susan Sizemore Details
Pasión de Drácula - Juan José Plans Details
Passing stranger - Morrill Cody Details
Path of least resistance - Katherine Ramsland Details
Path of the Eclipse - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Details
Payer of tribute - Dale Clark Details
Pearl of the Soul of the World, the - Meredith Ann Pierce Details
Penguin Book of Vampire Stories, the - Alan Ryan Details
Perfect kiss, the - Amanda Stevens Details
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Patrick Suskind Details
Peril of barnabas collins, the - Marilyn Ross Details
Perilous dreams - Andre Norton Details
Personal darkness - Tanith Lee Details
Phallus osiris, the - Valentina Cilescu Details
Phantom and barnabas collins, the - Marilyn Ross Details
Phantom of the Opera - Philip J. Riley Details
Phantom, the - Christopher Pike Details
Pharaoh's treasure, the - Luman Allan Details
Phoney-Baloney Professor, the (Vampire Cat, Vol 3) - Louise Munro Foley Details
Piercing the Darkness : Undercover with Vampires in America Today - Katherine Ramsland Details
Pilare the Vampire: The Untold Existence - Angela S. Fenyvesi Details
Pirates and Vampires Pack - Colin McNaughton Details
Pirate's Log (Vampires, Pirates, Aliens) - Colin Hawkins Details
Plaisirs de Vampire: Gautier, Gracq, Giono - Jean Bellemin-Noel Details
Please Don't Feed the Vampire! (Give Yourself Goosebumps , No 15) - R. L. Stine Details
Poeme dracesti = Dialogue with Dracula - Elena Stefanescu Details
Point horror 13: more tales of horror - A. Finnis Details
Polidori's Vampyre - John Polidori Details
Politics of Atrocity and Lust: The Vampire Tale As a Nightmare History of England in the Nineteenth Century - Alok Bhalla Details
Pomegranates full and fine - Don Bassingwaithe Details
Poor Polidori: A Critical Biography of the Author of the Vampyre - David Lorne MacDonald Details
Popular legends - Mrs. Ellet Details
Pornucopia - Piers Anthony Details
Porphyria: The Woman Who Has 'the Vampire Disease' - Tammy Evans Details
Possession - Lori Herter Details
Preacher: Alamo - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: All Hell's A-Coming - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: Ancient History - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: Dead or Alive - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: Dixie Fried - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: Gone to Texas - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: Proud Americans - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: Salvation - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: Tall in the Saddle - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: Until the End of the World - Garth Ennis Details
Preacher: War in the Sun - Garth Ennis Details
Precious blood - Pat Graverson Details
Predator and Prey: Vampire - Carl Bowen Details
Priest of blood #1 of the vampyricon, the - Douglas Clegg Details
Prime Evil: New Stories by the Masters of Modern Horror - Douglas E. Winter Details
Prince Dracula: Son of the Devil - Douglas Myles Details
Prince eternal: sacred soul - Monique Mucia Details
Prince of dreams - Susan Krinard Details
Prince of the night - Jasmine Cresswell Details
Princess daphne, the - Edward Heron-Allen Details
Princess of darkness - Frederick Cowles Details
Principal, the - M.C. Sumner Details
Prism of the night - Katherine Ramsland Details
Prisoner of blackwood castle, the - Ron Goulart Details
Prisoners of Vampires - Nancy Garden Details
Private Files of a Vampirologist: Case Histories & Letters - Jeanne Keyes Youngson Details
Private files of a vampirologist: case histories of letters - Jeanne Keyes Youngston Details
Problems with a Python / Living with Vampires - Jeremy Strong Details
Prodigal - Melanie Tem Details
Progeny - R.C. Carpenter Details
Progeny of the adder - Leslie Whitton Details
Psychic Vampires: Protection from Energy Predators & Parasites - Joe H. Slate Details
Psychoanalysis and Sovereignty in Popular Vampire Fictions - Anna Powell Details
Psychosphere - Brian Lumley Details
Purcell Papers, The - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu Details
Purgatori: The Vampires Myth - Brian Pulido Details
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