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C Pack: Dracula's Tomb X13 - McNaughton C Details
C Pack: Little Dracula X30 Waddell M - Martin Waddell Details
Cabin 33 - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Details
Caine's Chosen: The Black Hand - White Wolf Details
Cainite Heresy (Year of the Reckoning Series) - Ken Hite Details
Call Me a Vampire Lesbian - Charles Busch Details
Calling, the - Barbara Steiner Details
Camp Dracula (Graveyard School, No 6) - Tom B. Stone Details
Camp vamp - John Paragon Details
Can Science Solve? - Details
Can Science Solve? Vampires (Can Science Solve ...?) - Chris Oxlade Details
Candle bay - Tamara Thorne Details
Caretaker - Elrod, P.N. & Greenberg, Martin (Editors) Details
Carmel: A Vampire Tale - Seán Manchester Details
Carmilla - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu Details
Carmilla : The Return - Kyle Marffin Details
Carmilla: A Vampyre Tale - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu Details
Carpathian caper - Jacques and Anne Gottlieb Sanulescu Details
Carpe jugulum - Terry Pratchett Details
Carrion - Gary Brandner Details
Carrion comfort - Dan Simmons Details
Case of the Vampire Cat, the (Hank the Cowdog 21) - John R. Erickson Details
Case of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper, the (Hank the Cowdog 29) - John R. Erickson Details
Case of the Visiting Vampire, the - Drew Stevenson Details
Case of Vampire Vivian, the (Science Solves It) - Michelle Knudsen Details
Cast a cold eye - Alan Ryan Details
Castle doom - Errol Lecale Details
Castle dubrava - Yuri Kapralov Details
Castle of deception - Ed Fitch Details
Castle of Otranto, the, Vathek, the Vampyre, and a Fragment of a Novel: Three Gothic Novels - Horace Walpole Details
Castleview - Gene Wolfe Details
Catacombs, the - John Farris Details
Catching midnight - Emma Holly Details
Cathedral of Vampires - Mary Ann Mitchell Details
Celebrity Vampires: Horror Anthology - Martin H. Greenberg Details
Celery Stalks at Midnight, the - James Howe Details
Celluloid Vampires, the: A History and Filmography, 1897-1979 - Michael J. Murphy Details
Celtic cross, the - Douglas Gosse Details
Cerulean Sins (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) - Laurell K. Hamilton Details
Chaining the Beast - Justin R. Achilli Details
Challenge to dracula - Robert Lory Details
Changing Vampires into Angels: Six Steps to Heaven in Your Relationships - Maria Paviaur Details
Channeling the vampire - Gary Lynn Morton Details
Chasing the shadows - Keri Arthur Details
Cheerleader, the - Caroline B. Cooney Details
Cherished Blood: Vampire Erotica - Cecilia Tan Details
Chicago Chronicles (Vampire Series: The Masquerade, Vol 2) - Andrew Greenberg Details
Child of an Ancient City (Dragonflight Series) - Tad Williams Details
Child of the Hunt - Christopher Golden Details
Child of the Night - Nancy Kilpatrick Details
Children of glory - Gordon Linzner Details
Children of the blood - Michelle Sagara Details
Children of the night - Mercedes Lackey Details
Children of the night - Richard Lortz Details
Children of the night - Dan Simmons Details
Children of the Night (Vampire, the Masquerade) - White Wolf Details
Children of the Night : Of Vampires and Vampirism - Tony Thorne Details
Children of the Night: Stories of Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, and lost children - Martin H. Greenberg Details
Children of the Night: Vampires (Ravenloft) - Steve Miller Details
Children of the Vampire: The Diaries of Family Dracul - Jeanne Kalogridis Details
Chill #3: the bamboo demons - Jory Sherman Details
Chill #4: vegas vampire - Jory Sherman Details
Choice of the Cat : Book two of Vampire Earth - E.E. Knight Details
Chosen haunts - William Hunt Details
Chosen, the - Lisa Jane Smith Details
Christmas in collinsport - Angus Hall Details
Chronicles of the Vampire - Manuela Dunn Mascetti Details
Cinema Chez Les Vampires (Premier Roman, 68) - Louise Leblanc Details
Cinema of roman polanski, the - Ivan Butler Details
Cinematic Vampires - John L. Flynn Details
Circle of death - Keri Arthur Details
Circle of Fire - Keri Arthur Details
circus of the damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) - Laurell K. Hamilton Details
Cirque Du Freak : A living nightmare - Darren Shan Details
Cirque Du Freak : The Vampire Prince - Darren Shan Details
Cirque Du Freak : Trials of Death - Darren Shan Details
Cirque du Freak : Vampire Mountain - Darren Shan Details
Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant - Darren Shan Details
Cirque du Freak: Tunnels of Blood - Darren Shan Details
Cites Orchid Checklist for the Genera Cymbidium, Dendrobium (Selected Sections Only) - J. Roberts Details
Cities of Darkness (The Cities of Darkness Series , Vol 2) - Noah Dudley Details
Cities of Darkness (Vampire - The Masquerade , Vol 1) - Patricia Ann Roshell Details
Citizen Vampire - Les Daniels Details
City of Ink Drinkers, the: LA Cite Des Buveurs D'Encre (Ink Drinker) - Eric Sanvoisin Details
Clan Novel: Anthology - Stewart Wieck Details
Clan Novel: Ravnos - Kathleen Ryan Details
Clan Novel: Tremere - Eric Griffin Details
Clan Pin Collection and Ankh Necklaces: Complete Set With Backing Board - White Wolf Details
Clanbook Baali (Vampire, the Dark Ages) - Sven Skoog Details
Clanbook Giovanni - Greg Stolze Details
Clanbook Tzimisce - Lucien Soulban Details
Clanbook: Cappadocian (Vampire - The Dark Ages) - Justin R. Achilli Details
Clanbook: Followers of Set - White Wolf Details
Clanbook: Gangrel - Brad Freeman Details
Clanbook: Giovanni (A Source Book for Vampire: The Masquerade) - Justin R. Achilli Details
Clanbook: Lasombra - Richard Dansky Details
Clanbook: Lasombra - Bruce Baugh Details
Clanbook: Malkavian - Daniel Greenberg Details
Clanbook: Nosferatu - Robert Hatch Details
Clanbook: Ravnos - Robert Hatch Details
Clanbook: Ravnos (Vampire, the Masquerade) - Deird'Re Brooks Details
Clanbook: Salubri (Vampire, the Dark Ages) - Cynthia Summers Details
Clanbook: Toreador - Steven C. Brown Details
Clanbook: Tremere - Keith Herber Details
Clanbook: Ventrue (Clan Series) - Andrew Greenberg Details
Clash of Wills - Steve Miller Details
Classic Tales of Horror and Vampires - Media Books Audio Publishing Details
Classic Vampire Short Stories - Richard Pasco Details
Classic Vampire Stories - Leslie Shepard Details
Classic Vampire Stories: Timeless Tales to Sink Your Teeth into - Molly Cooper Details
Cleanup, the - John Skipp Details
CliffsNotes Dracula - PH. D. Samuel J. Umland Details
Clinking stones - N.T. Glenn Details
Cloak, the - Robert Bloch Details
Club dead - Charlaine Harris Details
Club Vampyre - Laurell K. Hamilton Details
Coach, the - M.C. Sumner Details
Cold hand in mine: strange stories - Robert Aickman Details
Cold kiss - Roxanne Longstreet Details
Cold One, the - Christopher Pike Details
Cold storage - Paul Fry Details
Cold Streets (Elrod, P. N. Vampire Files.) - P. N. Elrod Details
Cold turkey - Nancy A. Collins Details
Collins Classics Plus: Dracula (Collins Classics Plus) - Jan Needle Details
Colonia de Vacaciones Dracula - Tom Stone Details
Come the Morning - Shannon Drake Details
Come the night - Angelique Armae Details
Come twilight - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Details
Communion Blood: A Novel of Saint-Germain - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Details
Como Dibujar Dracula y Otras Pesadillas - Frank Rodgers Details
Companions of the Night - Vivian Vande Velde Details
Companions: laws of the blood #3 - Susan Sizemore Details
Compleat Crow, the - Brian Lumley Details
compleat vampyre, the: the vampyre shaman, werewolves, witchery & the dark mythology of the undead - Nigel Aldcroft Jackson Details
Complete Book of Vampires, the - Leonard R. N. Ashley Details
Complete Dracula, the - Raymond T. McNally Details
Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires, the - Ph.D. Jay Stevenson, Details
Complete Vampire Cinema, the - David Pirie Details
Complete Vampire Companion, the - Rosemary Ellen Guiley Details
Comrade Dracula - Silvia Cinca Details
Comte de claire lenoir - de L'isle-Adam Villiers Details
Confession - Lori Herter Details
Confession of the Vampire - Kim Mathis Schwartz Details
Confessions of a teenage frog - Susan Smith Details
Consuming Youth: Vampires, Cyborgs, and the Culture of Consumption - Rob Latham Details
Control Freak - Christia Faust Details
Conversion - J. Ramsey Campbell Details
Coppola and Eiko on Bram Stoker's Dracula - Susan Dworkin Details
Corridors of fear, the - Clarissa Ross Details
Could Dracula Live in Woodford - Mary Howarth Details
Counsel of Primogen - Justin R. Achilli Details
Count Dracula - Ted Tiller Details
Count Dracula and the Ghost - Ann Jungman Details
Count Dracula and the Monster - Ann Jungman Details
Count Dracula and the Victim - Ann Jungman Details
Count Dracula Chicken Cookbook, the - Jeanne Keyes Youngson Details
Count Dracula Fan Club Handbook - Jeanne Keyes Youngson Details
Count Dracula Goes to the Movies: Stoker's Novel Adapted, 1922-1995 - Lyndon W. Joslin Details
Count dracula meets his match - Ann Jungman Details
Count Dracula, Me and Norma D. (An Avon Camelot Book) - Jessica Hatchigan Details
Count Dracula: The Authorized Version - Hagen Slawkberg Details
Count dracula's canadian affair - Otto Frederick Details
Count Dracula's Vampire Quiz Book - Rovin Details
Count Duckula: Vampire Vacation - Maureen Spurgeon Details
Count Krinkelfiend's Quest (The Tall Tales of Dracula's Dagger) - Gary Morecombe Details
Count manfred - Miranda Seymour Details
Count Munch: The Vampire Who Loved Chocolate (Picture Puffins) - Michael Salmon Details
Count, the: The Life and Films of Bela 'Dracula' Lugosi - Arthur Lennig Details
Countdown to doom - Forest J Ackerman Details
Countess Dracula - M. Parry Details
Countess Dracula! : a play in three acts - Neal Du Brock Details
Countess Dracula: A Novel - Carroll Borland Details
Countess Dracula: The Life and Times of Elisabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess - Tony Thorne Details
Countess in red, the - J.M. Lo Duca Details
Covenant With the Vampire : The Diaries of the Family Dracul - Jeanne Kalogridis Details
Cowboy and the Vampire, the: A Very Unusual Romance - Clark Hays Details
Coyote moon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Book 3) - John Vornholt Details
Craven moon - Billie Sue Mosiman Details
Creature - Douglas Drake Details
Creatures of Forever (Last Vampire Series: No 6) - Christopher Pike Details
Crimson dreams - Margaret Carter Details
Crimson kiss - Trisha Baker Details
Crimson kisses - Valerie Hardin Details
Crimson Kisses - Asa Drake Details
Crimson night - Trisha Baker Details
Crimson shadows - Trisha Baker Details
Crimson Wings - K. R. Wilson Details
Critical response to bram stoker, the - Carol A Senf Details
Crown of Shadows - C.S. Friedman Details
Crusader's Torch - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Details
Cry Vampire (Jugglers) - Terrance Dicks Details
Crypt of the Vampire (Golden Dragon, No 1) - Dave Morris Details
Cuenta Con Dracula (Coleccion Amigo Dracula) - Victor G. Ambrus Details
Currents of Life (Vampire Yui, Vol. 2) - Narumi Kakinouchi Details
Curse of collinwood, the - Marilyn Ross Details
Curse of the concullens, the - Florence Stevenson Details
Curse of the obelisk, the - Ron Goulart Details
Curse of the undead - M.L. Carter Details
Curse of the Vampire - Geoffrey Caine Details
Curse of the Vampire, the - Karl Alexander Details
Curse of the Vampires - Margaret Ronan Details
Curse of the Vampire's Socks, the: And Other Doggerel - Terry Jones Details
Curse of the vendetta - Crystal Cartier Details
Cyberblood - Jonathon H. Amsbary Details
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